How to Plan an Epic Surprise Party: A Step-By-Step Guide

enero 3, 2021 • Recipes

Life is to enjoy!! Life is better when it’s full of surprises and parties, so give surprises and don’t skimp on the details!

A surprise party can be one of the most memorable ways to celebrate any occasion. Every detail matters and not everyone may be up for the challenge. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your next event, check out this step-by-step guide to planning an epic, stress-free surprise party.

1. Pick a personalized theme

Choose a theme based on the guest of honor’s favorite interests like movies, books, or TV shows. A theme could even be as simple as a color scheme featuring a few of their favorite hues! Buy some balloons you can blow up yourself or get a whole bunch from the grocery store. This theme or color palette will help inform your choices for the venue, invitations,  music, food, tableware, decorations,and activities. Confetti is a must! Nothing better than having confetti thrown in your face as you walk inside your party! Also make sure you get enough banners, streamers, cake, punch/soda, ice cream. And make sure it’s all according to color.

2.- Send out sneaky invites

There’s nothing worse than a spoiled surprise, so keep your invites on the down-low! Disguise your true intentions with code words and make sure all of your co-conspirators know the secret lingo. You can design and order your own clever invitations from scratch all on  If graphic design isn’t your forte, resources like Minted offer an array of customizable invitations to suit any style.

Or, if physical invitations are too risky, keep it digital with email e-vites or a cleverly-named private Facebook event. Include the time, date, venue, dress code, RSVP contact information, and any other relevant details. Lastly, remember to make it extra clear that it is a SURPRISE party so that no one accidentally lets the cat out of the bag!

3.- – Plan a date to have the ‘star of the party’ come over to your house or wherever the party is! Make sure you keep the person as far away from the party location as possible until party time!

4.-The day of the surprise party, do not set up any visible decorations! When the person shows up at the party you don’t want any visible decoration like balloons or birthday signs outside. Make sure you keep the shades shut when the guest arrives….and don’t forget to hide!

5.- Have a strong alibi

In order to keep your party secret safe throughout the planning process, you’ll need an excuse to mask what you’re REALLY working on. Your chosen venue can even become a part of your alibi. For example, if it is a theater or other artsy space, you can invent an exciting new fake project. You may also want to have a fake party plan that is totally different from your actual plan, especially if the surprise party is for a birthday. In general, the key to keeping the surprise party a secret is making sure everyone is on the same page. Consider hosting a meeting early on with everyone involved in the planning process and creating a secret group chat where you can discuss all of the logistics.

6.-  Add the sweet finishing touch

No matter what you are celebrating, no party is complete without something sweet!  If you want to get extra fancy, you can set up a dessert station with a selection of different small bites such as colorful candies, custom cookies, macarons, cakesicles, cake-pops, whoopie pies, petit fours, and cupcakes. 

Display all your goodies with colorful jars, cake stands, platters, and trays, and top it off with a tablecloth, banners, and centerpieces that match your party theme. Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration for an aesthetically-pleasing dessert table. Donut walls are also a popular, fun alternative to cake! You can order a pre-made pegboard on Etsy, or do it yourself with some supplies from your local hardware and craft stores. 

6. Order catering for food and drinks

Let’s be honest, most parties revolve around the food. So put some thought into your sustenance! Order from their favorite restaurant, set up a taco bar, or select a Peerspacevenue with catering options to simplify the planning process. You can also book a private bartending service for cocktails and/or mocktails, or set up a cooler with fun bottled drink options like sparkling water, margaritas, and old-fashioned sodas.

Visit our Cocktails recipes section to learn more about how to make delicious and original tequila cocktails with Fiesta Loca.

7. Turn up the music

Every party needs a soundtrack. Hire a DJ, book a band on Gigsalad or The Bash, or simply curate a killer playlist based on the guest of honor’s favorite songs. If you’re booking a Peerspace venue, you can find a place with all of the audio equipment you need.

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