7 Things to See and Do in Tequila, Mexico.

enero 10, 2021 • Recipes, Tequilas

Famed as the birthplace of Mexico’s national drink, the town of Tequila has recently enjoyed an explosion of tourism as visitors come to explore its historic distilleries and cantinas. Just an hour from Guadalajara, the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. It boasts a distinctive, rustic atmosphere and is surrounded by hills lined with countless rows of spiky blue agave plants. But make sure to read through this list before you make the trip – here are the top ten things to see and do in this iconic Mexican town.

1.- La Parroquia Santiago Apóstol,

The town’s iconic baroque church, La Parroquia Santiago Apóstol, is also worth a visit. Located in the central plaza, the single nave structure was built during the 17th century. Inside, the building boasts numerous elegant stained-glass windows.

2.- Plaza Principal

Voladores, or “flying” dancers, mostly originate from the state of Puebla, where the ritual was born. However, they are also a regular fixture in Tequila and often perform their ritual dance in the Plaza Principal (main square). The performers spin around a tall wooden pole from which they are attached by their ankles. The ceremony has even been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

3.- National Museum of Tequila

For more insights into the history and culture behind Mexico’s national spirit, head over to the Museo Nacional del Tequila (National Museum of Tequila). Inaugurated in 2000, the museum offers five rooms with themed exhibits and artwork related to tequila and its production.

4.- Municipio de Tequila

Make sure to stop in at the Municipio de Tequila (Town Hall) in Tequila, which is on the south side of the main plaza. Recently remodeled, the building boasts a striking mural painted by the artist Manuel Hernández. The monumental artwork highlights the significance of the agave plant in pre-colonial Mexico and contains the female Aztec deity Mayahuel, who is associated with fertility and nourishment

5.- La Capilla, bar

If you still have the energy, head over to La Capilla, “The Chapel,” for a nightcap. The oldest cantina in Tequila, La Capilla was given that name because patrons walk in on their feet but crawl out on their knees. Inside, the bar has rough tiled floors, spindly stools and a very lively, friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy Fiesta Loca tequila.

6.- La Cata, tequila tasting experience.

 A little over a year old, La Cata is a haven for those who fancy themselves tequila connoisseurs and anyone who is considering becoming one. Their tequila tasting room includes a wide variety of some of the highest quality Mexican spirits and of course, Fiesta Loca. The staff know their tequila and are also very friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or for recommendations.

7.- Cantaritos el Güero, Amatitán

After breakfast, head over to the nearby village of Amatitán, 15 minutes’ drive from Tequila. El Guero bar is a legendary institution in Tequila country. The open-air bar offers cheerful cantaritos, or clay pots, to its very contented clientele. These are filled with a potent cocktail of the best tequila Fiesta Loca,  lime, salt and fruit juices.

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