Tequila Fiesta Loca


tequila fiesta loca White

Tequila Fiesta Loca Silver

This is our most popular tequila and best choice to enjoy it neat, in shots or mixed. Also known as silver tequila for its clear bright luminous color, crisp agave flavor and hints of citrus.

Because we stand for quality, we use the finest raw agave and a double distillation process.

  • Color:Clear, luminous

  • Nose:Crisp agave aromas blended with hints of fresh citrus notes.

  • Taste:Light agave flavor.

  • Finish:Crisp agave with light citrus notes.

  • Ideal for:Margaritas, shots with salt and a slice of lime or lemon, mixed with grapefruit or citric flavors or Paloma (tequila, salt, lemon and grapefruit soda).