Tequila Fiesta Loca


tequila fiesta reposado

Tequila Fiesta Loca Reposado

Also known as Gold Tequila for its gold amber color, light and elegant flavor with a wooden touch that reflects its essence for its perfect aging in barrels for more than eight months.

  • Color:Gold Amber

  • Nose:Cozy aromas of aged agave mixed with soft woody notes.

  • Taste:Smooth, light and elegant, with pleasantly soft and elegant nuances of dark chocolate, vanilla and soft cinnamon with notes of agave and wood.

  • Finish:Smooth and silky, warm with the essence of dried fruits, walnuts, and a fresh and sweet touch of caramel apple, toasted agave with light woody notes.

  • Ideal for:Drinking it neat or on the rocks to enjoy the fine and smooth texture of agave carefully aged in barrels that give it notes of wood. It can also be mixed in a cocktail.